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Even in a tight economyState & Bond, LLC in Springfield, MA has been your virtual back office for Accounts Receivable Management and Asset Recovery with more than 50 years of experience. Once your company’s A/R department has exhausted their efforts, most companies decide to take legal action, which is very costly and time consuming. State & Bond, LLC comes in as the step in between the legal process. By placing your accounts with us, there is no risk and no upfront costs.

Results with Integrity

The reputation of your business remains a top priority throughout the process. We provide professional customer service at all times. Let us increase your cash flow, while also saving you time and valuable resources. We streamline the process by leveraging our team of professional account managers ensuring a faster, more effective outcome for your business. At State & Bond, LLC, we believe in the personal touch on every file.

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Try our commercial business services today with no upfront costs. We will work for you to get the money that you deserve.